PowerFit® Postnatal Support Belly Band 

The No.1 Postnatal Support Belly Band!

Empowering All Women To Look & Feel Their Absolute Best After Pregnancy

  • Slim And Support Your Belly, Waist, And Hips
  • Strengthen Core Muscles Weakened During Pregnancy
  • Relieves Back And Pelvis Pain
  • Provide Comfort After C-Section
  • Encourage Better Posture, Especially During Breastfeeding
  • Accelerates Postnatal Healing Process 

  • Slim And Support Your Belly, Waist, And Hips
  • Strengthen Core Muscles Weakened During Pregnancy
  • Relieve Back And Pelvis Pain
  • Provide Comfort After C-Section
  • Encourage Better Posture, Especially During                             Breastfeeding
  • Accelerate Postnatal Healing Process 

99.8% Five-Star Reviews

Post Natal Recovery Problems

There are no words for the beauty and amazement of the female body and its gift to bear children. 

However, there can be many other bumps in the road besides the bump that is or had been growing inside your belly. Weight gain, sagging organs/skin, diastasis recti, back pain and pelvis pain are some common problems.

Babies need lots of love but so do their mothers!

Dr. Susan's Inspiration

Dr. Susan's Inspiration

Having attended tens of thousands of mummies with postnatal recovery problems, Dr. Susan inspired to help mums to feel good about themselves, no matter what their size! 

She developed a breakthrough product side by side with a team of medical researchers and physiotherapist experts after years of study and research to help mummies to speed up postpartum healing process and to get back in shape after giving birth!

How’s PowerFit® Different from Other Belly Wraps? 

The medically proven PowerFit® Postnatal Support Belly Band has the latest and the most advanced triple compression mechanism.

PowerFit® gently wraps around your midsection, compressing everything inwards. It is equipped with a four-strap feature, each of which performs different functions
The ergonomic design is as such that it continues to support your back and core to speed up the postnatal healing process.

PowerFit® is a 2-in-1 belt set, includes a quadruple compression belly belt and pelvis belt.
PowerFit® is a 2-in-1 belt set, includes a quadruple compression belly belt and pelvis belt.
  • Belly Belt: Works on the abdominal area, supports and builds up your core muscles, belly, waist, and posterior.
  • Pelvis Belt: Works down on the uterus, shrinking it down to its usual size and making the postpartum transition easier for you.
The extremely comfortable, light-weight, and breathable mesh fabric makes the entire healing process super seamless, tranquil, and trouble-free. 
Since launching, we have sold over 5 million units of PowerFit® Postnatal Support Belly Band. 

How Does Belly Binding Work

How Does Belly Binding Work ?

Our bodies are functioned to secrete the hormone relaxin in significant amounts during pregnancy to relax the intrauterine ligaments and cervix. This allows our body to stretch and loosen up, and get ready for childbirth. 

PowerFit® takes advantage of this eased up state to push the hips and separated abdomen back together as the body firms up. 

Key Benefits

  • Support Torso and Organs while they are in its sensitive state and transitioning back to their pre-pregnancy position. The constant pressure on the torso and abdomen makes healing faster by reducing the accumulation of water, fat, and air in the tissue and cells.  
  • Accelerate Postnatal Healing by preventing your organs and skin from sagging and minimizes stretch marks that are very common for a post-birth body.
  • Support the spine and aid in posture realignment while breastfeeding, you will no longer slouch while feeding or holding your little one.
  • The built-in boning provides strong lower back support which relieves back aches, strain, and pelvis pain.
  • Stabilize loose ligaments and assists in healing by recovering your diastasis recti state. It will tuck your tummy in and rebuild your core from the inside out.
  • Postpartum relief to help in shrinking your belly, waist, and hips so that you can get your body back to its former self and can feel good about you!

What Our Happy Customers Are Saying?

Amazing Product Ever!

 " I’m five weeks postpartum and I have loved PowerFit®. I was back at my pre-baby weight by week three and four. I owe it to wearing these magic bands. It has been amazing at helping me get my body back. And it fits so well and provides excellent support. I would definitely recommend it! "

Shannon, Michigan

✔  Verified Purchase

Remarkable product for Mommy

" These were really helpful when I started exercising again after giving birth. My abdominal muscles had gotten very weak and my belly was sagging, and I needed something to hold everything together. It really did work in giving me a flat tummy. This is a mix of being effective and comfortable. Best purchase I ever made! "

Colleen, New Jersey

✔  Verified Purchase

Do not hesitate to buy it!

" PowerFit®is fantastic. I was 225lbs before giving birth and 207 after. This Belly Band fits nicely and feels gentle on the skin. You can actually feel it holding everything together without feeling too tight. It gave me so much hope about my body. Worth every penny "

Kris,  Arizona

✔  Verified Purchase

Life Changer Product

"  PowerFit®helped me feel extremely stable and supported after my son was born, especially in those first few sloppy weeks. And most of all, I was able to fit into my pre-pregnancy outfits sooner than I thought. It also fits me perfectly and is super easy going on the skin. This is definitely a life-changer! "

Olivia, Utah

✔  Verified Purchase

Questions? look here!

 How long after birth can I wear PowerFit®?

After receiving clearance from your doctor, Belly Band can be worn immediately after giving birth to receive full benefits.

Can I sleep with PowerFit® on?

Definitely. It is very comfortable and light-weight. You can easily sleep with PowerFit®on. 

Is it safe to use PowerFit® after C-Section?

 Yes. This might come as a surprise but PowerFit® does wonders if you have had a caesarean delivery. Since, C-Section requires cutting through numerous layers of tissues and muscles, using PowerFit® ensures that your incision recovers smoothly. A C-Section recovery is for sure uncomfortable and harder from natural delivery. So using PowerFit® is not just safe but makes this troublesome process even easier and less painful. 

Does Belly Binding work later in your postpartum recovery?

It is encouraged to Belly Bind as soon as humanly possible and recommended by your gynaecologist. However, many of our customers have used PowerFit®later in their postpartum recovery as well, about 1-2 years after delivering their babies, and they have still seen very effective results and especially a stronger core.

Should I keep in mind some safety tips while using PowerFit®

 PowerFit® is extremely comfortable and breathable. Just make sure you don’t wrap the Belly Band too tightly. And a sign of a belly band wrapped too tightly is shortness of breath so pay attention to your breathing, and take off the band and readjust it in such a case. Belly Bands are meant to compress your body but it doesn’t tighten up your body that you can’t even move like you normally would, it is important to note that it should never be painful. So watch out for such an encounter and wrap the Band carefully.

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